How To Shop For The Epic Grand American Eclipse Of The Century?

How To Shop For The Epic Grand American Eclipse Of The Century?

Santosh Varughese Aug, 17 2017

This is going to be the biggest solar eclipse in the history of America. The totality will last from 40 seconds to close to 3 minutes depending on the location and, of course, the weather. So are you ready to travel to the center line where you will be able to see the diamond ring and total darkness descend upon the earth during daytime? Won't it be a memorable affair for you and your family? Honestly, we cannot think of a better excuse for a party! 

The total solar eclipse calls for an eclipse party for those in the USA and those traveling to the states for catching the magnificence of the event. Party hats and kazoos may be the ubiquitous part of every party, but on a special party like this one, they are not enough. The sun is always fun. Therefore, you need to prepare for a ton of activities on this extended weekend. Some schools and offices have officially declared a holiday on the day, and we need no more reasons to start a party.

We have compiled a list of the must-haves for this party that ranges from safety gears to swag gears. You will be able to enjoy the eclipse and have tons of fun during the totality.

Our mandatory words of caution for all eclipse-enthusiasts

Shades, goggles, binoculars and special cameras are already ready. Kids are ready with the school project pin-hole projectors. Solar scopes are huge this season, offering complete visibility of the solar corona without letting the harmful rays pass through. There is no reason to skimp on the sunscreen, just because the sun will be completely gone for a few minutes (depending on your position on the path). Grab some extra solar gears just in case you want to capture the changing landscape under varying light conditions. This is especially necessary if you want to catch a live video of the event for your YouTube channel. Astronomy clubs need solar protective eyewear in scores for the members too. The best place to buy certified eyewear may not be your local drugstore. Check out right here for the best options depending on which area you will be in.

What to wear?

We are hoping it is going to be a sunny day. Check your local forecast for any unexpected rainfall or thunderstorms. This will give you time to prepare. Since we are keeping our fingers crosses in the hope of a sunny day, we advise you to wear light clothing and carry plenty of sunscreens. Do not forget to choose light, pleasant colors to beat the heat (depending on where you are). If you are expecting a rather cool day, play with colors. Throw in some fuchsia and orange to brighten up the totality.

Wear the right clothing to enjoy the entire day

There are hundreds of tee shirts and tank tops for the occasion. Our favorite one is the one with the sun in protective eyewear, for kids.  Solar eclipse tee for adults are selling like hot cakes, and you should grab yours before the sun hides behind the moon! Crop tops and light jackets are a great combo for a day in the outdoors. Make sure to get your t-shirts in pure cotton. Breathable material is essential for a hot day. Depending on where you are, humidity might be a concern on the day of the eclipse. Find out what to wear and what to skip on the day of the eclipse right here.

Carrying an extra shirt to layer your tee is probably a good idea. During the totality, the temperature can drop by up to 2 degrees. This sudden change can give you chills (aside from those caused by the splendor of the event). It is a good idea to get your solar eclipse shirt now before the prices soar right before the event. Coordinate the color of your tee with your shirt to look the coolest during your post totality party. If you are thinking of hosting a campfire or a post-totality event, carrying a light jacket to protect you from falling temperatures is a very good idea. Glow in the dark tees for kids, men and women are a great idea for outdoor parties. Even during the total darkness, only the corona on your tee will glow to complement the diamond ring high up in the sky. That will be a sight to behold. Very few will miss the second totality on earth while the sun goes behind the moon. We want you to catch the grandeur of nature, not a cold!

Add some quirk to your clothing

Solar eclipse clothing is a huge hit on most websites. However, many of them are taking advantage of the short time to hike up the prices. Find reliable websites that promise to deliver well before the event. Confusion in sizes is quite common while shopping from an Amazon or an eBay. Pick a site with customer certification. Look at the reviews of each clothing size. Sometimes, the L from one merchant is equivalent to an XL from another. Note down your measurements in centimeter and compare with the expected fit measurements given on the merchant site. You can check out our fitness guide for all ages right here, in case you are thinking about getting a great solar eclipse t-shirt that you can wear later as well.

What is a party without the fun?

How is an eclipse themed party complete without the right merchandise? Moreover, we do not mean hats, tees, and shirts! We also say solar eclipse themed tumblers, viewing glasses, tent tapestry, Dresses, bumper stickers, fake tattoos, totes, backpacks, and bandanas. Stay cool on a sunny day! Complete your party with eclipse themed mocktails and cocktail shakers. Solar eclipse merchandise is the way to add meaning to your post-totality party on the path of totality. Even if you are thinking of watching the totality from your home, you can host a barbeque on your yard or lawn. Invite your friends, family, and neighbors to share a bit of the eclipse centric fun with free memorabilia. Solar eclipse memorabilia is best when customized. Include solar earrings, pendants, badges, fridge magnets, and art. While you can make them at home, with less than a week to go, you can buy them in bulk from the website. Express delivery is an excellent way to get your party rolling on time before the eclipse even begins. Find out how to organize a great eclipse party right here, right now!

A few gadgets that you MUST get

Get a solar eclipse themed timer that will tell you exactly when the eclipse starts and at what time the totality begins. Gifting laminated or framed roadmaps to your extended family who could not make it, is also a perfect idea to extend your joy. Including a solar eclipse mug into your merchandise must-haves is a good idea. Every time you get a craving for a cup of coffee, you will think about all the fun you had with your friends and family during the day of the eclipse. There are millions of styles you can choose from. While some cool ones have the entire path of totality mapped out on the official map of the US, there are others, which show the phases of the sun during the eclipse.

A few things to remember the great times

Mugs may sound mundane, but these solar eclipse mugs are the trendiest and coolest gifts you can give to anyone you hold close to your heart. Alternatively, you can carry your morning cuppa joe with you, if you live near the east coast. According to information from NASA, the first event of totality on the US grounds will be visible from Salem, Oregon, and parts of Portland as early as 10:15 am. Don't let the eclipse catch you out of style and out of whack. Stride out in style, with plenty of time and energy with a stylish eclipse themed travel mug for the event.

You may be in the path of totality serendipitously. That does not mean, you will not miss the people at home or your friends who could not make it to the centerline. For them, you can buy beautiful trinkets like eclipse bracelets and rings. For those who have a knack for sports, you can get them eclipse themed sports shorts, sippers, pucks and more. Solar eclipse items are plenty. You just need to know, where to look. Finding the right item will not only save you much effort, but it will also save you much money. Find out how.

What is the most important part of a party?

It is the invitation card, of course! What is better than an old-school RSVP invitation card that you can either post or drop by hand, but where to get one when there are just six days left to the event? Do not worry; there are plenty of designs and customizable messages you can pick from. This will satiate all your pre-party invitation needs. There are formal looking ones with a predisposition towards clean lines. They mainly have gray, black, yellow and shades of orange to celebrate the theme. More informal invitations have caricatures of the sun, cartooned forms of the earth and the eclipse. These cards are both funny and educational for kids as well. Now your child can learn the mechanisms of a solar eclipse and the cause of totality by the 2-D representation of the event by reputed artists.

How to thank the people, who made your day special?

You may want to thank your party attendees by offering them solar eclipse gifts. Now, these cannot be any gifts like the scented candles or key chains you received at your last party. This is a special occasion; your gift has to be special as well. Solar eclipse souvenirs need to be special. You can consider funny beer cozies for your alcohol-enthusiastic friends, totality magnets for your science crazy friends and teens, lanyards, temporary tattoos for the kids and solar eclipse patches for your buddies. However, wait, there's more. Tumblers, luggage tags, and postcards are great gifts for your friends or extended family who will be traveling from afar to catch the splendid event. The best part is, you can buy these in bulk and get the special wholesale price although there is a serious time-crunch here.

A great party is a well-stocked party

For an eclipse time party, include a whole lot of viewing aid for your invitees. Include solar binoculars; ISO certified eclipse is viewing shades and tons of medicated sunscreen. Those are the keys towards being a great host. You do not have to spend a ton to get these supplies. Your nearby drugstore must have most of them, or you can check your nearest supermarket. If you get enough RSVPs for your party, you can send out messages about free viewing gadgets for all partygoers. You can get the best wholesale rates with us since we know how difficult it can be to organize a party on a weekday with only six days to go. You can even check out special cameras and telescopes that not only aid viewing but also help you capture the precious memories of this once in a lifetime experience.

Enjoy the evening with post-sundown parties and more

Do not compromise on the fun, simply because the day of totality is just six days away. In fact, get on your feet and start prepping for all the parties, events and activities you are going to organize right at home or at your pre-booked campsite. Campsites are ideal for having a post-sundown party. After a long day of staring at the sun, you may want to let your hair down with some good old live music, bonfire, barbeque and refreshments. Throw in some innovation and make the post-sundown rocker eclipse themed as well. Include eclipse themed refreshments and black-bun burgers to celebrate the joy of totality.

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