Our August 21, 2017 Solar Eclipse: A Catalyst For Higher Consciousness

Our August 21, 2017 Solar Eclipse: A Catalyst For Higher Consciousness & Awareness

Santosh Varughese Jun, 07 2017

Beyond the technology that gauges the science of a solar eclipse and the weight of Einstein’s theory, we have a moment in time that becomes entirely our own.

This is the elegant dance of our two most influential celestial bodies and as their paths cross, they move in a gentle, slow harmony. This is our opportunity to examine our place in the universe and look inward to our spiritual contribution and humanity.

We are residents of the earth and as such, we can ‘own’ our total solar eclipse. It is uniquely ours and is a moment in time that opens a door so that we can look beyond the daily chaos that surrounds us and those that we share our planet with, and see the spirituality as time seems to stop.

The interchange of energies is an invitation, and it is up to each of us if we accept this personal offering.

A solar eclipse brings an exchange of energy, first covering in darkness and then renewing with the brilliance of light. This is a time to reshape and mold our thoughts, calm the inner fears and expand to positive intentions.

This is a space/time connection that brings into focus our place in the universe. And while we are but a small ‘pale blue dot’ in the cosmos, when we shift our mutual energies, we can unlock the channels that bring deeper levels of joy and happiness.

Meditation and Mindfulness

Spiritual leaders around the globe have confirmed the power of meditation. From a physical standpoint, meditation calms both body and mind, allowing a sense of wellbeing that generates the positive healing hormones and helping to eliminate the harmful ones.

Religions of many faiths have embraced meditation as a way to touch the inner soul and cleanse the system of the negative influences that can create anxiety and stress. It is believed that during a total solar eclipse the light energy is awakened and can act as a kind of ‘renewal’. 

We are offered the ability to replenish and restart and when we add this as part of our meditation, we not only change our own perception but can act as a catalyst for others. Meditation during the eclipse can include envisioning how we want to see the world progress and move forward; how humanity needs to grow and shed the problems of the past.

This is a time to make use of the mantras of your life and to reinforce your meditative chanting.

The act of ‘mindfulness’ is a constant.

It is attention given to every moment, emotion, observation and feeling. Mindfulness registers how we perceive as well as react and our ability to alter the negatives to those that we have set as our personal goals. 

This takes practice, as we have developed patterns throughout our lives that can try to counteract what we want, but it is something that can be achieved when combined with meditation. In preparation for the light energies of a solar eclipse means adding the recognition of this time into our daily routines.

It is sending out the love, compassion, and empathy into the universe so that it expands and circles back to those on earth.

We Are All Connected

Einstein based his theories on the belief that ‘everything is connected’ and in following through on his philosophy, he developed the theory of relativity that connects space and time in a four-dimensional reality.

Each action can have a cosmic effect. Just as many have shown the power of ‘universal prayer’, so can we all help to shape the direction and path with a spiritual message. Prior to and during a total solar eclipse, we have the option of choosing ‘good’ and discarding the road of negative behaviors and thoughts.

If we combine our mutual beliefs and fuse our individual energies together, we can change personal, political and universal thought processes and opinions. This is how we move forward as a species; the method that we can choose to bring respect to each other and our planet.

The total solar eclipse is the fractal moment for decision for each of us. It is a segment in ‘time’ that we can use to center ourselves, our humanity and our spirituality to help to create something that is better. Use this time wisely, so that each of us can help to bring improvement and make use of the light that the universe has given to us.

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