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“The reappearance of the crescent moon after the new moon; the return of the Sun after a total eclipse, the rising of the Sun in the morning after its troublesome absence at night were noted by people around the world; these phenomena spoke to our ancestors of the possibility of surviving death. Up there in the skies was also a metaphor of immortality.”

            -Carl Sagan, COSMOS

Throughout history, humanity has looked to the sun and the moon in awe and wonder. They represented deities and the natural order of things.

As two of the most important aspects of our existence, they dance together in the sky, two celestial lovers always so close and yet forever apart.

 On August 21, 2017, the sun and the moon will be closer than they have been for the past million years. It is part of our destiny to take note of this historic event and share together as we watch our star and satellite touch our lives.

The moon and the sun have represented many metaphors and often love that is strong, fearless and beautifully alive. They are the concentric center of each one of us, connected by their love story that in turn, connects us together.

We have created our site to honor and celebrate as well as bring information to you so that you can recognize the importance of this time.

The art collection that we have offered is dedicated to the event of the path of totality and for those that appreciate the significance of the biggest Solar Eclipse that we’ve ever witnessed.  Each piece of art celebrates the love of the sun and the moon, placing it into a metaphor and then representing with different famous couples of love.

Each is different and yet still connected by their unique love story.

This love isn't’ divine because it’s celestial, it’s divine because when we look at the sky, we know that without The Sun, our eyes could never see the Moon.

We invite you to join us on this once in a lifetime adventure; to share in the experience and rejoice in your unique opportunity. Observing this moment will be something that you will remember for a lifetime and that you can tell to generations to come.

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